The Educational Endowment Fund

The Educational Endowment Fund was established to provide an additional source of income for the needs of the school. The endowment fund was designed to insure the financial support of the school as it moves into a new era of glory in its history and to enable it to provide quality academic, religious and leadership training for every student.

The endowment fund accepts gifts of all kind. These gifts are invested and only the net annual investment income is available for use by the school. This allows the fund to become a perpetual source of income for the needs of VASJ.

The income each year may be allocated for general operations (to keep tuition costs affordable), capital improvements, financial and scholarship assistance, teacher enrichment or wherever the need is greatest at the time. This income allows the school to remain competitive, to always be a school in progress…a school constantly enriching its offerings to young people.

The endowment fund is administered by a board of trustees comprised of alumni, parents and professionals who insure the integrity of the funds, supervise the investment policies and design programs to enhance the corpus of the fund.