Nick Garuckas '09 shares Washington D.C. internship experience with students

Another Viking was welcomed back into the Village on Tuesday when Nick Garuckas '09 returned to share his Washington D.C. internship experiences with Mrs. Joseph’s AP government class.

Nick, a senior political science major at St. Bonaventure University in New York, applied to every government branch he could think of to increase the odds of getting an internship - something he was sure would benefit him when trying to find a job after college.

His hard work paid off when he was selected to serve as an intern in Washington D.C. for Congressman LaTourette during the summer of 2012. The internship, which Nick described as a lot of work and a very eye-opening experience, was the perfect balance between the stereotypical mundane internship duties and actual real-life work experience. "I was shocked to learn what an immense amount of work goes into a single bill that will probably never even get passed," he says.

As for how he ended up with a political science major, perhaps the credit goes to his experiences at VASJ taking Mrs. Joseph's AP government class and his four-year involvement with VASJ's student government. "I have always liked political science and history," Nick says. "And he was really good at them, too," Mrs. Joseph added.

Nick Garuckas '09 and Mrs. Joseph

The choice to attend VASJ was an easy one for Nick since his mother, Patrice Valley '75, uncle, John Valley '75 and brother, Rick Garuckas '07, are all alums. It was a choice he doesn't regret and in fact, a choice that sparked many conversations with his college roommates.

"I had a very different high school experience than any of my college roommates," Nick explains. "I loved (VASJ) and I was sad to leave. I liked almost every single person that I attended high school with." And like so many of our students, both past and present, Nick also remarked on the family atmosphere he felt while attending VASJ. "I always liked not being a number. (The teachers) all knew my name."

And someday, we all might know Nick Garuckas' name, too, as he hopes to one day in the very distant future become a political figure himself.