Note from the Administration regarding Alumni Directory

Dear Alums:

Some of you have contacted us about the status of the VASJ Alumni Directory that is long overdue for delivery.

We contracted with a Florida-based publisher for this book, the same publisher that successfully produced a previous book for us. I regret to report that our experience this time has been disappointing to say the least. Despite numerous promises and continual postponements, the publisher still has failed to provide a firm date for publication.

Because some of you paid the company directly for your copy – as, incidentally, I did too – you are understandably growing impatient and want some answers. Please know we are working hard to resolve the issues, and have been in touch with appropriate parties to expedite the delivery as soon as we can.

Please accept my deepest apologies for the inconvenience and frustration this situation has caused. I am determined to see this through to a favorable resolution. I will keep you posted.

Richard Osborne ’69