Parent Organization Activities

The VASJ Parent Organization is an essential part of the Villa Angela-St. Joseph organizational structure. The objectives of the Parent Organization is to assist the VASJ administration in the fundraising, maintenance, improvement and general welfare of the school and to foster a closer relationship between the home and school so that members may share in the education of all students. The Parent Organization represents you and your ideas and needs your ongoing input and feedback.


Parent Organization Functions

  • Keep parents informed of upcoming functions/events through newsletters and monthly meetings
  • Support group for parents’ issues and concerns
  • Provide hospitality and assistance at school functions
  • Assist with fundraising and family activities
  • Act as your pipeline to the school

Membership in the Parent Organization shall consist of parents/guardians of the student body, teachers, and parents of graduates. Member rights and duties are as follows: (1) all members shall have an equal right to participate at all meetings; (2) the right to vote shall be reserved to those members who are parents or guardians to students currently enrolled at VASJ; and (3) duties of members are to obey the Constitution and By-Laws of the organization, to conduct themselves in an orderly manner at all times and to do all in their power toward the realization of the objectives, to attend meetings and other activities sponsored by the organization and to assist the officers in carrying out their duties.

The Parent Organization meets on the second Tuesday of each month at 6:30 p.m. in room 108. 

 Students of parents/guardians who attend Parent Organization meetings will receive one dress down pass approved by Principal Csank. Children of any age, including current students are not permitted to attend meetings.

Parent Organization Officers

President.............. Theresa Carlson
 Vice President.......Helen Boru '87
 Secretary...............Kim Dowdley
 Treasurer...............Theresa Carlson (interim)

Parent Organization Voicemail - (216) 481-8414 ext. 133