Tim Misny '73 returns to VASJ for Q&A with students

Tim Misny '73 returned to his alma mater on Monday, February 25, for a question and answer session with Mrs. Joseph's AP US history class. The Q&A with Tim was filmed as a series of episodes for Getting Legal with Tim Misny, which airs every Friday at 7:55 on CBS 19.

"In my brief encounter with the VASJ students during my question and answer exchange yesterday, I am even more encouraged about not only the future of this proud institution, but the young lives that will eventually emerge beyond the high school walls and become leaders in our society," Tim said of his visit at VASJ.

Click here to watch the video.

Click here to read Tim's reflections from his visit to VASJ.

Tim Misny '73 answers questions in Mrs. Joseph's AP US history class