VASJ senior Ryan Gallagher accepted to West Point Military Academy

Congratulations to VASJ senior Ryan Gallagher who was admitted into the West Point Class of 2016 at the United States Military Academy. “West Point requires cadets with determination, integrity, self-discipline, strength of character, endurance and a willingness to work hard,” says Lieutenant General David Huntoon, Jr.

Ryan was motivated to apply to West Point for several reasons. “I knew what a great school it was and I saw a lot of great people that came from there,” he says. “A couple of my role models like Coach Babe Kwasniak (’94) and Mr. Gary Minadeo (’74) are people I aspire to be like and also went to West Point so I decided to apply,” Ryan says.

Ryan is thinking about studying engineering and hopes to walk-on to the football team. He will leave for Cadet Basic Training on July 2, 2012.