VASJ student leaders urged to "Lead with Virtue"

“As a leader, you will be expected to always do the right thing,” VASJ’s Principal David Csank said.“Not for fame, fortune, glory, or recognition. But simply because it's the right thing to do.”

The fourth annual Leadership Commissioning Ceremony was held in August before the start of the school year. The ceremony is held to honor and recognize the student leaders while also reminding them of the important role they hold in the school.

“You are being entrusted with a great responsibility,” said VASJ Campus Minister Jill Latkovich. “Today we gather together to publicly recognize your commitment.”

The group of 110 student leaders were urged to
"Lead with Virtue" at the fourth annual Leadership Commissioning Ceremony. 

The group of 110 leaders – the largest group since the event’s inception – gathered to worship and pray together as well as to be commissioned as leaders of the school.

“Each student who was invited has either been elected or appointed to serve as Jesus served: that is to serve selflessly, faithfully, with humility, and for the sake of building the Kingdom of God here at Villa Angela-St. Joseph High School,” Latkovich said.

The theme for the celebration was, “Leading with Virtue.”

Latkovich shared with the students the following seven human and theological virtues: prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance, faith, hope and charity/love.

The student leaders were presented with a pin as a sign of their commitment to serving as leaders at VASJ.

“We ask that you wear this pin daily as a reminder of what you are called to do,” Latkovich said.

The pin is a shape of the cross formed by the intertwining of seven ribbons of different colors – each color representing one of the seven virtues.

“As a leader, you will be expected to do the right thing,” Principal Csank said. “When everyone around you is doing the wrong thing, do the right thing anyway.”