2016-17 Viking Parent Volunteer Program Guidelines

The Viking Parent Volunteer Program is made up of parents who volunteer their time to assist VASJ with events, activities, and other needs that arise throughout the year. Parent involvement is vital to the growth and increased opportunities for the VASJ community. Even the smallest amount of volunteer time can make a big difference for our students. Where families may need additional tuition assistance, volunteering can help bridge that gap with many activities and/or events qualifying for tuition assistance credits. EdChoice families will have priority over other families with regard to choosing events with which to volunteer. Parents and family members over the age of 21 are permitted to volunteer.

Program Guidelines

1) Families are responsible for checking the Parent Volunteer Program webpage to learn about opportunities.
              -Emails and phone calls will not be used to find volunteers for events.

2) To sign up for an event, please visit our SignUpGenius page and select the events you would like to volunteer for.
               -Once you sign up for an event, you have committed to work it.
               -Please be considerate of other parents when signing up for events.

3) No credit will be given to volunteers who arrive and are not scheduled for the event. 

4) Students are not permitted to volunteer for tuition credit. 

5) All volunteer hours are subject to verification by the event supervisor. 

6) Volunteers must sign-in and sign out with the sheet provided by the event supervisor.
               -Forms not completed at the time of the activity or event will not be                         counted for credit. 

7) Volunteers must show up for the hours they have scheduled.
               -“No shows” will be excluded from volunteer opportunities for the

                 remainder of the semester in which they missed an event.

8) In the event that a volunteer is no longer available for their scheduled event, notification must be made to the Parent Volunteer Program Coordinator at least 24 hours prior to the event.
               -No credit will be issued to family member who arrives to “sub” for a                       scheduled volunteer.

9) Volunteers must be present for the entire time they have committed to work.
               -No credit will be issued in the event that a volunteer arrives late, leaves                 early, or does not complete the responsibilities required of the event.

10) Credits will be valued at an “hourly rate” of $10 per hour with the total amount earned being applied directly to the student’s tuition at the end of each quarter.
               -There will be no cash value for hours volunteered.
               -The splitting of credits between accounts for an activity will not be                          permitted.
               -The maximum total per student shall not exceed $750 per school year.

11) Failure to follow these guidelines subjects volunteers to exclusion from future volunteer events. 

Contact Molly Lorek, Parent Volunteer Program Coordinator, at mlorek@vasj.com or (216) 481-8414 ext. 285 with questions.